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On the 12th of october I lost my home to a fire starting from the BBQ
I was on a holiday and was to return on the 13th
I was given the bad news that our home has been burnt down.
My life has been turned so bad this last few weeks I had my purse stollen from me a few days ago with $550 in it and all my creait cards and other things
I feel so lost with out my things.
We lost our dog to the evil fire she was only 10 yrs old I so miss her. My son and his girlfriend made it out just in time and it took only 15 mins and its all gone.
The heat and smoke and water has all most finished off what was not burnt to a crisp.
I just want to go home but it has gone.
It will be knocked down and we will rebuild bigger and better. But its not going to be the same as my family has not grown up in it. Their memeries have been taken from us for good.
I can replace things but its never going to be the same. Its all going to be new and its all going to be ours. Thank heavens I had not cancelled our insurance and we are coverd. We are renting but its not home.

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Comment by Mystikal Summer Starr on November 1, 2009 at 8:07am
May the goddess provide all the you need for a new start.
Mystikal Summer Starr


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