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The main invocation to the Morrigan in this ritual is based partly on a beautiful poem a friend of mine wrote about the Morrigan.  You can find it here:



New Moon Ritual to the Morrigan


You Will Need:

Incense of your choice

Black feather

Sword or athame

1 red candle


   Light the incense and carry it clockwise around your sacred space using the black feather to waft the smoke, saying:


I bless this place in the name of the Raven Mother,

In the Morrigan’s name let all negative energies depart!


  When you are done, perform a self-blessing by using the black feather to waft the incense over your body, beginning with the crown of your head and ending at your feet, saying: 


Lady of Magick,

Lady of Might,

Bless and cleanse me this night!


   When you are ready cast the circle using your sword while saying:


I cast now the circle of the Morrigan,

A circle of mist and standing stone,

A boundary between the worlds of Gods and men,

A place of magick and power, 

In the Morrigan’s name this circle is sealed!


   Go to each quarter and draw an invoking pentagram with your sword or athame while saying:



I call upon the black winged Morrigan,

Cunning raven-woman,

Flying above the heads of warriors,

Inspiring deeds of valor, promising victory,

I call thee Raven Goddess, come!



I call upon the Queen of Battle,

Red Mare Macha,

Sun of Womanhood,

You are the sharp blade of a sword,

The forge that shapes and tempers

I call thee Lady of Battle, come!



I call upon the Phantom Queen,

Shape-shifter Goddess,

Form fluid and changing as water,

Banshee who rules the realm of shadows,

Washing away the blood of the dead and the sorrows of the soul,

Badb, stirring the Cauldron of Life and Death,

I call thee Queen of Shadows, come!



I call upon the Mother of the Gods and Tribe,

 Lady of the Mounds,

Cattle-raiding Goddess, red-eared heifer,

Where you walk the land becomes fertility with new life,

I call thee Earth Goddess, come!


   You can use the following chant to call the Morrigan into the circle or one of your choosing.  Light the red candle, saying:

Morrigan, Dark Morrigan 

I call to you this moonless night

You who are the Darkness behind and beneath the shadows,
The absence of air that awaits at the bottom of every breath,

In olden days you gathered
On battlefields of mist
Chanting, offering golden charms
Granting your champions victory
Your shape a crow or raven
Your shield, trickery
You guard the gift of magick
Medicine, wisdom, fertility

I call to you Morrigan

You who are the mystery of the earth,

The airy light of moon,

The power of the flowing water,

The Warmth of the burning flame,

I call to you Morrigan

Raven Mother, Wise healer,

Cunning warrior, Lady of magick,

Weaving your spells,

Sing to us of victory,

Of the mysteries of your Shadowed realm,

Grant me your blessings this night,

Aid my magic and hear my plea,

As I will, so mote it be.


   Perform any planned spellwork or pathwork.  When you are done take the chalice and circle it three times with the feather.  Then hold the chalice above the altar, saying:

The blessing of the Morrigan is this,

Peace to the sky

Sky to the earth

Earth beneath sky


   Take a sip of the wine, then pour some into your libation bowl or outside on the ground after the ritual.  When you are ready thank the Morrigan, saying:

Mistress of magick,

Lady both dark and bright,

Weaving spells, raven taking flight,

I thank you Great Queen for walking with me this night,

Go in Peace Great Lady.

So mote it be


   When you are ready to end the ritual take the sword and draw a banishing pentagram in each quarter while saying:




Depart now black winged Morrigan with my thanks and blessings.




Depart now Queen of Battle with my thanks and blessings.




Depart now Phantom Queen with my thanks and blessings.




Depart now Earth Mother with my thanks and blessings.


   Cut the circle with your sword, saying:


The Morrigan’s circle is now open!

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Comment by Raevyn DreamWalker on June 1, 2011 at 9:55pm
WOW...amazing and powerful. Thank you for posting this.
Comment by Stephanie Woodfield (Dark Raven) on June 4, 2011 at 9:06am
Thank you :) Glad you liked it!
Comment by Ravynne Morrigan on May 5, 2012 at 8:50pm

Love this.....I have been looking for a Morrigan ritual.  Thank you!


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