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I was visiting with a friend last night when I received a phone call on my cell phone. It was odd because I was at home and everyone knows not to call my cell phone because it's only on when I'm out and about, the only reason it was on last night was because I'd been out yesterday and had forgot to turn it off. So, anyways, there was a voicemail and I tried to check it but I was outside and it was dark and I couldn't see to punch in my passcode. Thus, rather than going inside to the electrical light (I love being outside at night) I instead reached out to all the people who I would call back if they called when I have company, and did a quick check and no, none of them had called, so I decided the voicemail could wait until my company left. Not thinking I said to my friend "It's not important, I'm not going to worry about it" and my friend gave me a very odd look and I realized that this particular friend doesn't know about my ability to mentally reach out and touch in with people I love. Oops. However, I'm the only person I know who has this ability and when I try to explain it to someone who doesn't know me very well I get some very negative reactions, and sometimes lose a friend, so I didn't explain but instead changed the subject. I'm only thinking about this now because after years of hiding my abilities while trying to mingle with christians, I'm having to realize or relearn that it's ok to be open about them again, now that I've "come back home" to my old life. Oh well, time to change old habits and make new, freeing ones.

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