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So as usual I have no spare money to go out and buy the 'proper' materials. Caught sight of the disused cat litter tray (actually never used but bought in case our cats ever needed one) and decided that was big enough for what I am trying to do - make a small wildlife pond.


Dug the space needed, lined the hole with some thick packing plastic that was lurking in the shed, stuck the tray in, bedded it down and added slate bits around it. Looks ok to me, although the neighbour smirked. Who cares? Frogs aren't fussy, are they? Just have to make a ramp now leading out of the water, as I would hate to find a dead body floating.


Going to scour around the garden to see what plants I can plant around it, as soon as I have finished drinking my tea. This scrimping and saving does get on my nerves a bit, have to honest, but never mind the result is the same.


What wildlife am I hoping to attract? I really don't mind, the aforementioned frog(s), a newt if I am lucky, pond skaters perhaps, and the hedgehog will enjoy it too. Who knows what will come? If anything!


And maybe, just maybe, one day I will be able to afford a decent sized liner and make a 'real' pond. 

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Comment by Wildewood on June 30, 2011 at 9:08am

How big is the tray? Stuff what the neighbours think anyway, say old bath tub has provided a fine environment for Mrs F. and her brood for many moons now - covered the edges in odd rocks, some decorated with a fine layer of cool moss, and packed the gaps with earth, planted a variety of suitable plants like watermint, lily, wild garlic and fern, and they lurk in the depths to their hearts content, happy to come out at night and munch any slugs and snails that try to eat my herbs and fruit.

I placed a large set of rocks at one end of the (bath) pond which not only provide aesthetic value to the surrounding plants but also give them a handy way out into the garden...

One of her froglings hopped across the lawn the other day, a bright golden yellow fellow, a variation on her usual dark green-grey youngsters. The garden wouldn't be the same without them.


I'm quite envious you have a hedgehog thereabouts. haven't seen any for a long time here

Good luck to you!



Comment by Gwearbennen Bearwalker on June 30, 2011 at 9:41am

Oh its small... tis small. But will do for now until I happen upon something larger. My mum has a plastic sandpit, you know the kind that come in two halves like a clam? Half a one of those she stuck in the ground some years ago and my word, she gets so much visiting it. Yours sounds excellent, any photos?

I'm quite 'proud' of the hedgehog, just hope he/she sticks around, plenty of slugs for a feast.

Comment by Wildewood on June 30, 2011 at 1:27pm

Taking a pic isn't easy at the best of times: in winter it just looks blah and now.... can see it's kinda busy in there :-)

Mrs F. prefers the cool shade, however, and there's plenty of bugs flying by to provide a tasty snack. Now and then i hear a splashy gulp! as one breaks cover to grab a bite.

Anything large enough to hold water works well and i hope you come across something a bit larger. Maybe you could blag the other half of mum's sandpit?

Once a frog finds such a home they'll not leave and will raise numerous young to give the garden all the protection it needs. 

The birds hereabouts make use of it too, dipping for a drink in all weather, though the neighbourhood cats know well enough to give it a wide berth :p 

Comment by Gwearbennen Bearwalker on June 30, 2011 at 3:43pm

This looks simply divine, and is what I am aiming for, in due course.  I'm keeping my eye on the freecycle ads to see what is given away, might even place an ad for a larger container.


Only problem is... hedgehogs eat frogs, don't they? Might have to work around that if and when I get a froggy population.


The birds have their own deluxe pond here, not that they use it, well I've not spied them using it. We have two cats and can honestly say, apart from the odd bird caught over the road in the park, we don't have a problem attracting birds. There's Fieldfare, Thrushes, Blackbirds, tits, and all the others that come regularly. Mind you, the cats are like over stuffed mattresses, so maybe they don't move fast enough to catch anything. :)


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