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Owning Your True Potential

Recognizing and owning one's true potential is often a difficult task in the linear life. A discovery often results when one truly lets go of the immediate dramas and becomes unified with their soulful selves.

The question surely raised is, "How does one do that?"

In the physical anyone can spin a drama into deeper and deeper moments. No one really needs assistance with that enactment. What one does need perspective on is the ability to lift up and out of drama.

Take always time to be with yourself. Spend quiet moments remembering who you are. Separate from the dramatics by providing a haven for yourself of harmony.

This translates into a walk, a restful moment, exercise, meditation, etc. Anything that draws your attention away from the thick energy.

If you are deeply entrenched it may take some time, so do not be discouraged with a lack of immediate results. It most likely took quite a bit of time to get where you are. So it will take time to work out of it.

There is no magic elixir in the linear to repair energy. It is a process that does take focus and determination.

Know that you are powerful enough to achieve the realignment. Most often it is the lack of confidence that keeps most apart from a resolution.

Close your eyes and feel your energy. If you are unclear take a small crystal in your hands that will enhance your ability to feel your electromagnetic energy. Allow yourself to feel it and become reacquainted with it.

It will be worth the effort.

Believe that it is possible.

Remember who you are.

All will be well.

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