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Some of you may remember the old TV series “Lost in Space”, or possibly the newer remake Netflix series with the same name. A group of people become stranded in space and are isolated from other humans. The active members of Pagan Space are similar in a way. Some of us do not use Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter, or other social media web sites and have become “Lost in Cyber Space.” Just like in “Lost in Space” we receive glimpses of the outside from creatures and persons who happen to stray our way. But they are fleeting encounters because they engage with us for a short time then go silent or move on to other spaces. Perhaps this is enjoyable to some, the solitude and occasional encounter, with it I have no qualms. In fact, it does have its benefits. Just some idle musings from a wandering mind.

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Comment by Adonis of the Lebanon on May 24, 2018 at 8:05pm

Once when I was guilty of offering speculation instead of knowledge about a certain goddess, the Pagan Space member who responded to me did not attack me but merely said something about my "private gnosis". I thought it was an extremely kind comment compared to the treatment I typically receive on the Unexplained Mysteries forum whenever I make the slightest mistake. Too many of the UM members are ready to take me to the guillotine when they dislike something that I wrote. So even if there is more activity there, it is dangerous to expose myself to those people too often, for I soon lose my will to create. Pagan Space is a place that nurtures my creativity.

Comment by Enigma on May 25, 2018 at 8:44pm

That's a good point Marion.


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