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so tonight I went with my mother to a local church service in town to a church that her and I have both attended for a few years now. As I grew in my finding I was a christo pagaon or tinitarian witch I relate to both, I found that in addition to going to this church I fitted well with the local Unity Church here in columbia, Which I attend every Sunday morning at 9am and I also attend the local Unitarian Universalist Church as well at 10:30am.

as time as more gone on, and my views are more liberal and open, and free thinking then traditional churches. I don't really feel that any of the churches I attend are.....very traditional but i struggle more and more to agree with the arguments they make time and time again. But I pride myself on being an open minded person and hearing ALL views on matters even if I myself do not agree with them.

Tonight's discussion was again a hard topic to under take in hearing and listening to hitting on the subjects of Sexuality in the Bed Room According to the Bible in a sub subject of homosexuality.

I sat through the service listening to the topics that I all to well know since i have many friend in the gay community (I myself doing drag king shows in my spare time while living in st.louis) as well as being bi sexual as well.

Tonight's lecture hit hard for me being bi and the topic of polyamory (something i am even dare I say shocked that the church even knows what it is) was disscussed and not in the most kindest of ways either.

it tested my nerves a great deal and I was mad by much of what they said I know plenty of same sex married people that are very happy with their lives and to tell them you must stop living this way to be in god's good graces truly seems the harshest most horrid thing another person could do to one another and I still think this way. I find it interesting in a church setting we talk a lot about how Christians view people in the gay community but we never take a look at how Christians act them selves such as the west borrow church.

As much as Christians disagree with this behavior I don't think its EVER justified to stand and protest a dead soldier's funeral or show such hatred toward our fellow men.

for does the bible now say "judge not least ye be judged"

 but coming back to experience tonight,I had been holding off going to the bathroom for a few hours now at that point and I found a second to sneak off to the bathroom as I finished and looked up I saw that someone had written on the bath room wall. "God loves you" to be this spoke beyone the simple words on the wall MY god does love me! he knows me fully for all the other gods I might know in my life, and all my loves,blessing and curses. And in a moment I realized something about all these texts that the church speaks on....ALL of it speaks that of it poorly in the sense of sexuality and giving in to sexuality....or indulging in it TOO much. No where does it say loving someone else, no matter what the gender or the amount of people is, is wrong. It speak of sexuality indulgenses and perversions such as lying with animals.

which most would agree is stepping a line, now this is not what all chruches teach and in a lot of ways this is not what my church said themselves. But this is what I took from it....that indulging in just sex for sex sake is wrong...but if your goal is to find something more then just sex to find is a blessing from god in no matter what form it comes, and if something in is done for the sake of love not just from sexual greed. I believe in my heart it is good and without sin.

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