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Ringing in my ears.the Piper's flute.

Some nights I hear a ringing noise in my earsand no it's not tinitus . I get this every other month. When I hear the ringing I try to sleep but every time Im about to enter them get this fear for my life and I can't move my body and I always hear this lady saying words I cannot understand. I gave in once and I woke up in my same bed but the vibe felt different and everything was greyish and cloudy. And when I wake up again. I gasp for air and I know that the other place is just as real as the physical world and i know I have spent just as much time in that place as in the physical realm. Is there anyone else who has been to the other side . Is there anyone who defeated the fear of death and fell asleep even if the ringing and the feeling of death was present?

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Comment by Karen Black on December 5, 2018 at 7:14pm

My first impression is that it sounds like sleep paralysis, but of course it could be something else entirely. Maybe a past life memory? I have no experience of this. I notice you have posted this as a blog. You might get more response if you posted it in the forums. 

Good luck with getting it sorted.


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