If you're reading this as you well know I'm new to Paganspace, I was reffered to by a contact. As there aren't many pagans in my area, I have been seeking others alike myself for a few years now as mostly I am a solitary warlock, not really by choice but by circumstance. I am looking for a Coven or a group of witches / Warlocks in which to practice with for the purpose in becoming stronger spiritually and to better serve the gods. Recently I have lost my jobs and my home, and I am staying in a Mission full of Drug addled Degenerates and those of conflicting religious beliefs ortherwise known as Christians. I'll be straightforward, I hate it there, Had I somewhere else to go I would not be there. I have resisted the Christian propaganda and will continue to resist. My dedication to the god & goddess is strong. I will not yield, but now is not my finest hour. If anyone in the Pagan Community  that resides in the state of Oregon or the countries surrounding Yamhill county thinks they can assist me with housing or a couch to sleep on til I get back on the workforce to start paying rent or just wants a kindred spirit to Practition in magick and do journey work with please contact me directly By phone, Email or inbox me here. I could use the help and the company of fellow kinsmen. 

Have a Blessed Samhain to those who celebrate and honor the fallen.

Blessed be






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Comment by Atheos *Luke* on November 8, 2015 at 2:37am

I sent you an Email. Just support.


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