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It is an Elemental World, where all and everything exists for the Experience of it.
Everything and all are temporary.
Because of all Existence in this Elemental World is based upon the Experience of the passage of Time.

Existence binds everything to temporary Cycles of Birth, Life, Death and Rebirth within the linear progression of past, present, and future of this Elemental World.

Journeys from cradle to grave, once you are here, we all partake of the same cycles of Elemental Experience of Existence under Temporality.

Some of worst and most horrible and harmful (men-made/invented) Mythologies on Earth, of this Species, they have on purpose, separated / severed the Supreme Being from Her Female Expression and they had re-written Her as a Patriarchal Father, Alone of Her Sex as the All-Male, God of Love who at once is a Ruthless, Vengeful Bastard of a god, one who is ignorant, intellectually dishonest, hateful of all Difference in Creation, a real Loser, and always Jealous & Judgemental of All Creation.

And they divorced this Abomination, this cruel Monster from/of all of the Humanity that She (Supreme Being Creatress Mother Goddess / Ancient Ancestress) had created and bestowed upon all of Her Creation.

Some of worst and most horrible and harmful (men-made/invented) Mythologies on Earth, of this dear Species, they have on purpose, separated / severed NATURE, Mother Nature from This Species, also from the Supreme Being.
The most foul bastard, illogical, intellectually dishonest and willfully-ignorant rubbish / bullshit ever made and imposed upon the populations of this planet.

Nature was created by the Supreme Being, Nature is a belonging part of the Supreme Being, Nature is outside and at once inside of all and everything, of all Creation.

There are not any intelligent, wise and/or reasonable & logical ways to deny that Nature everywhere, She is in All.
Nature, She is in each and every ATOM, She is in all Existence, whether here, there and/or beyond.

Nature is also in Time itself, and equally in the Absence thereof as well.

They had vilified Mother Nature and equated Her to Evil / Harm and made Her synonymous to all that we label "Bad".

Just imagine, to vilify all that is and all that happens Au-Natural, to condemn and to vilify Spontaneity itself! How Unnatural!

It is absurd what they have done in order to attempt to censor, to limit and to control the Free-Expression, the Free-Will, the Free-Thinking of the populations, which by the way, we all are all born with Free-Expression, Free-Will and Free-Thinking, Gifts from Nature Herself, from the Supreme Being to us, this Species.

But whose virtues perish under these (men-made-invented) Mythologies, monopolized for and by the 1% minority elite so that they can own and control the world and at once robbing the population from a happy and healthy Experience in this Temporary Elemental Existence.

You have to be extremely stupid, very foolish, unintelligent, a moron, or mentally challenged/retarded in order not to see, in order not to understand how some of these absurd Mythologies, their Belief and Language, their Values and Ways of Conduct which intrude in our lives under Religion and the Laws for all to abide, which Religion has paid, lobbied in order to impose down everybody's throats willy/nilly indeed... All of it, an abuse against humanity, against the Species, all of it but an enormous pile of real rubbish, disgusting and pure bullshit.

The primitive bastards of the past and their mythologies-turned-into-religions, together, they have caused more Evil, Harm and Pain than all else on Earth.
Mythologies and their Religions, they are solely responsible for the worst, biggest and longest Wars on earth.

They are responsible for the most ruthless, willfully-ignorant, biggest and longest conflicts and the Murdering/Killing of Women, Men and Children in large scales, the mass-slaughtering carnage of Human Beings, the biggest blood-sheds on Earth.

Just do a good study of the History of World Civilizations, the history of World Religions!

Religions have even attempted all along to rule the world as they took over many Governments and looted their Wealth, their Lands, their people.
To this day, they have found ways not to pay TAXES in places
like the USA, etc and ad nauseum.

To this day, they have found ways to stay above the Laws of any Land, not accountable for their absurd bullshit, even when their priests were abusing children.
Only recently, in the US, they have been attempting to hold Religion responsible/accountable for their absurdities and bullshit. But in fact, it began many years ago back in the UK, in Eire, when the initial abuses against children by priests, they were reported to authorities and taken a bit seriously for the first time.

In my opinion, this horrendously dreadful behaviour of priests of certain harmful mythologies, it has been going on since the beginning of the religion itself, but everybody always looked the other way as not to see or be bothered by it.

Mother Nature is a part of the Supreme Being Herself, Mother Creatress Goddess and I despise the Patriarchal fear and denial of Nature and Goddess.
I despise the Patriarchal fear of Women, their hatred for Women, their hatred for GLBT, their fear of GLBT.

I despise the Patriarchal Intrusion and Invention of Censorship, of Limitation for the Expression, Free-Will and Thinking of this Species.

The Supreme Being is not a monopoly of Patriarchy.

Nobody owns this Species except Nature Herself, ever present in all Creation, the Supreme Being Herself Goddess Mother Creatress of all Creation, of all Existence.

Some of worst and most horrible and harmful (men-made/invented) Mythologies & Philosophies on Earth, of this Species, they have on purpose, suppressed, denied the sacred Division of Soul, Spirit, Elemental Mind / Brain and the Elemental Body.

The Soul is living awareness of the entire sum of all time, all Journeys from cradle to grave everywhere.

The Spirit is the particle of the Soul whose awareness most often is only that of the present journey as it incarnates / partakes of joint-evolutionary journey with the Elements / Elementals who provide it with a temporary Elemental Vehicle/Body during the pre-chosen Elemental world journeys from cradle to grave.

The Mind is the means, the bridge of the Brain & Physical Body to become directly aware in order to communicate and to express the will of the Spirit. And secondarily, also indirectly aware of the will of the soul.

The body is Elemental device employed for Experience in the Elemental Worlds / Realms and Times / Time-bands, such as this one, this dear live/living and beautiful planet Earth.

I will add in order to finalize, regardless of all foibles of this Species, eternal and infinite Evolution comes to Everyone.

I came for the Goddess.

I salute Mother Nature!
I salute the Supreme Being Creatress Godddess and All Her Creation along with all Ancient Pagan Goddesses and Gods, along with all Elements, All Elementals: Fae, Exus, Pomba-Giras and all Other Species and Other Beings.


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon - also known as Sky of Padilha

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