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Factual and supernatural part to just relay encyclopedia diary text information definition of pagan means country to make fast well being ritual as a perspective of good conversation understanding thou shall not kill was changed to thou shall not murder meaning it is alright to kill animals i think this is ridiculous,another haunting question that is it ineffable mystery why do living forms grow old and reproduce creates that comedy in animal expression to understand anything as scientific in binary fusion a conclusion is so lowly and makes us victim to misunderstanding my opinion of Satan is that there are five of these demons one for each element species the devil as in the Bible was a cousin of Jesus fallen into alchemy but not that evil the other entities as in insect or canine are the reflection of our consumption of animals and their revenge in creating diseases i never go to any church talking about why through history has the mass population executed teachers is because of fear of mortality outbreaks of plague madness them finding scapegoats as a reason for sickness the serpents infested our bodies those original giants were formed from lightning and had very little physical presence when i talk philosophy it is via past life memories so this idea so familiar about filament the strands of entanglement that which knits mortal fabric to a microscopic level is an observation of historical human downfall as the very planet became gross matter over ages of how the earth has slowed don in rotation and all living forms fractured the earth slows down in rotation every year and has tilted on it's axis Einstein described this as a spinning top same principle as the toy slows it begins to tilt micro-strings are the same as serpents the string theory that inquest conquest desolation idol worship was created by material kings as they destroyed religion in the middle ages they set themselves on the alter installed seating in churches making the people kneel when before Christianity was a dancing religion so the graven image of jesus is basically political control by fear during the witch hunts a million monks were also executed makes a person wonder the sacred arch knowledge of threading the eye of a needle as a soul vision the cold virus mutates in schools becoming lethal to older people.Multiply the word of god he said opinionated sole belief the material translation for factory populations to a machine interpretation slavery and the city builders laughter fear of being born to witness mortality a comedy of reaction we see but understand nothing why is it that something hysterical ethical or a miracle questions of integral intelligences and age related diseases futile territories anguish ritual to where the individual boundary of sanity to fight with vanity argue about gravity instinct of an insect that dialect to protect it's offspring was one reason for the execution i really think jesus screamed this saying you are all murderers sentences indented at the time of his death and so remembered yet re-written the earth stopped an eclipse of the sun no explanation a silent dawn of creation deafening communication an escape vessel -before the silver cord is severed, or the golden bowl is broken; bef Souls exists the filament sphere experiment i seen this after being kept awake for two weeks it was onslaught death parchment and be an accurate a black light antimatter micro sphere we create while dreaming scientific exact circumstances evil proximity the torture the then neighbor or illusions speculation this soul vessel can also be seen as a mirror sometimes in sunlight a transparent sphere and coil thread binary circuit to exit

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