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Observe the Raven Spirit. I would not call her a familiar. She chooses to appear when I need grounding. I would not call her a guide but she sets me on the path to guidance. I cannot call her my pet as who can own something untamed, wild and free.

The Raven Spirit has been with me from my early days of my pagan studies. An old friend introduced me to her and through her I learned to learn. Now she is a fleeting and returning part of my consciousness. Apart of reminding me of that friend, whenever I see her the Raven brings me to the moment when she shows herself. Time has no meaning to her, just the now. Therein lies all truths. She has shown me the ways of wild nature, guided by instinct and intuition; I have learned to trust them.

I have noticed that the Raven can find me almost anywhere, on a park bench in the inner city, sitting on a lamp post by my suburban home, gliding across and around rural landscapes, and I hear her call echoing through the silent mountain pines. Many times I have sat looking over the horizon and she is there with me. I meditate with her presence. She is the night brought into the daylight, the wise crone living life her way, ever adapting to her environment, and happy and content just to be where she is now.

You too have felt the presents of the Raven Spirit and have seen her shadow fly across the ground. The next time, take a moment, this moment, and connect with her. You can do this because she holds no one above another. Watch her ways and learn to learn......

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