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Walking the Red Road November 30

"To hi ge se s di"
means peace on earth.

Did You Know?

In many tribal communities it was the
grandparents who instructed the child,
and the parents who worked and
hunted for the family. The grandparents
taught tribal laws, creation stories,
histories, and wisdom through stories.

Meditation with Native American Elder’s November 30

"Someone must speak for them. I do not see a
delegation for the four footed. I see no seat for
eagles. We forget and we consider ourselves superior,
but we are after all a mere part of the Creation."
Oren Lyons, ONONDAGA
Whenever we make decisions, we need to look around and
see who would be affected by them. If we change the
course of a river , who, what will be affected? If we
put poison on the gardens, who, what will be affected?
If wee cut the trees and too many are cut, who, what
will be affected? We need to become aware of the
consequences of our actions. We need to pay attention
to our thoughts. We are accountable to our children to
leave the Earth in good shape.
My Creator, help me make right decisions.


A Cherokee Feast Of Days

Our friendship has been strong through many seasons,
but this time brings you to mind so vividly. Why must
we rely on such changes to remind us that we are
friends, not acquaintances. All is important—the way
we laughed together, the times we comforted each
other, the tears we shared and the deep understanding.
This time, like no other, enhances those things that
make us akin. It surely must be the hope, the vibrant
life of power unused—the power of love to transcend
time and space and lost connections. It is the same
power, the Great Spirit, that is all good, all peace,
all ours by divine right. It is a precious partnership
between friends.
These beads are a road between us. Take hold at one
end, I will at the other, and hold fast.
COMO 1793

November 30th

1769: Gaspar de Portolá has led an expedition to explore parts of the central California coastline. While near San Jose Creek, a group of local Indians provides them with some food.

1836: The United States signs a treaty (7 stat. 527) with the Wahpaakootah, Susseton, and Upper Medawakanton tribes of Sioux Indians.

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