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What my new eyes see. My release from physical blindness.

It has been 10 years since my surgery as of today. I thought I may re-post this as a celebration and reminder to never take any gift for granted.

It has been four months. and two days since I seen light for the first time in un-countable years.
Today is not different than yesterday. Nothing to make it special. But one thing I will never take for granted again.My sight.
I wake to the light of each day. It streams through my window. I lay and watch the dust dance in it. Watch how it moves across the wall and how it changes the colors of the wood there. It is all so very beautiful to see.
I move from my bed after several minutes of just seeing all there is to see. To the bath. Again I stay to long. Just looking. Seeing how water moves and reflecks the light as it races on my skin for my feet. The colors in the towel, not just the feel of these things. But the sight of them.
A bowl of cherrio's can take me and hour to eat. Because I look at them. Study them. The different shapes a simple circle can make. It's all very facinating.
Outside of the house is an adventure of sights. I'm sure most haven't stood and looked at a post for over twenty minutes. The different color of gray and brown, the shape of a cylcinder. The trees, flowers, grass, rocks, the sky...all of it so beautiful.
Before my operation, when asked what was my favorite color. I would respond purple. It was the one I remembered best. But now I can not say which is my favorite. I do believe it maybe red. But I am still deciding that one.
I walk into a store on my own now. With out any assistance at all. The simple thing of buying your own groceries should never be taken for granted. My wife Shannon, she still watches after me. For her it is habit as it is for me to count steps. Just yesterday we were in Wal Mart. Something cought my eye and I wondered over to investigate this new gadget. I soon realized it was a can opener after I closed my eyes and felt it. She called to me, a bit annoyed I had wondered off. I reminded her I could find my way just fine now. I didn't need to be lead to the door any more. She was embarassed by it. It showed me how much she loves me. She admitted she missed me hanging onto her left arm as we made our way through the stores and shops. Her discribing the items we incountered there.
Some of the things I have had to re learn. Like reading the writen word. Worse writing. My spelling has become horrible and I can not blame it on a computer program. lol. Typing on a normal key board. Oh I am so slow. Driving a car. I plan to take my test this next week. I do believe I will pass.
Simply walking around has been a chore. At first I suffered from motion sickness. lol. Not at all pleasant. I still catch my self counting in my head the steps from one place to another. I was totally lost on my own farm. I would close my eyes to find my way to a special spot. Then open them to find my way home. Thus it went until I explored the whole place yet again. Oh and the horses. Some old friends I seen again after twenty odd years. Amazed at the age that showed on there regal heads. Newer ones I had to learn by sight. But were still old friends that seemed confused by my confusion. I still close my eye's to tie a saddle knot. Not sure I will ever lose that habit.
It is the same with people. Many old friends not reconized until they speak. My children and grandchildren. My children grown. The beauty of my grandchildren.How I look now, compared to the imagin in my mind of what I did look like. Adjustments. Every where.
I was told I would lose some of the intensity of my other sences. But i haven't yet. I still hear long before others. Feel the very smallest of bumps and grooves in a surface. Walk in the darkness as confident as any would walk through a well lit room. Feeling the energy each surface gives off so as not to bump into them. Ritual on a full moon. I can feel the heat of the moons energy yet still. These things from my years of darkness. I hope I never lose.
I want you to know how blessed I am by all that is Divine to have this gift returned to me. I also want to thank the wonderful doctors that have spent there lives in research to come up with new operation so millions will see again. I am proud to be among the first.
Well I best post this. The sunset is coming and I haven't missed one in four months.
Blessings to you and yours,

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Comment by KC on August 16, 2009 at 12:11pm
WOW Kix - that's so beautiful! Thanks for reminding me of all my blessings!

Will you please, please, please come post this over on Witchy Living? Or can I copy/paste it and post it there? I think my members would appreciate it as much as I do...
Comment by toadkeep on August 17, 2009 at 12:12am
you truly have the best of both worlds right now. I'm so happy for you.
Comment by Kixs on August 17, 2009 at 10:25pm
Thank you both for your lovely comments.
Cairelle, I will be glad to post it on Witchy Living. Need to stop by any
Toadkeep, you are so right, I do, and I know it. thank you again.
Comment by Freya on March 29, 2010 at 9:38pm
I am speechless You must be in awe of the world around you....
Comment by Amethyst Greyhawk on January 15, 2019 at 8:55pm

I'm so amazed by your story, the beauty in how you see the world. I found I take the world for granted more than I thought I did. You've inspired me to try and look at the world with New unjaded eyes. To try and see the beauty that is around me and not just go day by day through the motions of living. I want to try and feel the energy you talk about on all objects.

Thank you very much for sharing your story and Congradulations on getting your sight back. 

Praise the Divine.



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