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why does the pain feel like it never ends

dear universe why is life such a bitch and unable to get better, and only the rich get better
but those of us who scrimp scrap save to survive get spit on.
look at my family for instance. i had it all. life went aery and man swept me away with his silver tongue. then abandoned my children and i across the country penniless, homeless, alone while he lived in survive i gave up my daughter it wa

s also for her. i came home were things are not better but i barely have money, no care couch surfing. i pray to god the gods and goddess please help my family to climb out of this hell please send help.

on a lighter note i am becoming a passion and Jordon consultant ill post my stuff up here. if any one wants to or can help i would greatly appreciate it just private message me, thank you so much

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Comment by Kixs on August 30, 2012 at 4:42am

Prayers heal the soul. Action heals everything else.

Prayers are nice. But getting off the couch and doing somthing is better.


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